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Pretty Much There…

I like the look now, the forums are working, the poll is working, the Podcasts are working; you can even grab the Podcasts via RSS feed or iTunes with just a click. The only thing not working is the Poll Archive. Not sure why, but it’s way down my list of things to worry about. I think we’ll let this roll along for a bit and see what happens when people actually use it.

I know you all – you aren’t shy!

4 Responses to Pretty Much There…

  1. Just posted IE work around for CAPTCHA in the show forum. GREAT JOB ON THE SITE!

  2. Thanks, Slammer!

  3. Nick, looking good!

    One quick question, what happened to the Soundbytes logo? It appears that the edge of it is trying to sneak through under the first “S” in Soundbytes.

    Note: For users running Windows 8 and/or IE 10, the Spam Captcher with pictures will not work unless you put IE 10 into compatibility mode. (The pictures simply will not show.) See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-10

    • Oh, did not see Slammer’s message above re: the workaround until after I hit send.