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Okay; today’s the day I put up the new forum software (at least, that’s the plan…). What forums do you want to see? Clearly, some of them were pretty much unused; what do you want to see to start with?

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  1. Hi Nick, as you well know I dislike the Current Events section. Yes, I will be the first to admit that I was the biggest or one of the biggest offenders there. LOL. I would rather see the Soundbytes forum focus more on the other topics that were at the old forum. Surely the Windows, Internet, Mac, Linux, What you guys got wrong, (Lets change that to something like “Show Discussion” ? ) , and Fun Stuff should be part of the forum. Also the Software and Current Poll areas were useful. There are enough other places on the net to discuss current events. I vote to not have an area like that anymore. Have a great day !

  2. Show Discussion, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, (Chrome too?), Hardware, Geek Toys, Fun Stuff… in that order…

    Jason from Altoona PA

    • Okay, now that’s creepy… how did the soundbytes forum get my Freedom Central Keystone logo when I never provided it?

      Cookies… got to love’em!

  3. Nothing wrong with news News, just outlaw politics everywhere. News at a computer forum might actually include technological advancements, software, new viruses, hardware, geek toys etc.

    Usage/Hardware – how do I use this new thing? doesn’t have to be platform specific. Like many people, I’m well versed with android as well as ios.

    Apps – Everything is all about apps these days, many are cross platform so once again doesn’t have to be specific. My new favorite is the one that lets you know if you’re to related to a fellow Icelander to date.

    If people get out of line, AutoLart them!

  4. We’ll start with a few forums; and we’ll get more as time goes on. I am happy to put as many forums up as we want, but I don’t want to put up forums that don’t get postings.

  5. I agree with Bob….I came to SoundBytes several years ago because I was looking for advice for a PC issue.
    Somehow it morphed into more of a social commentary site. I don’t know what happened to take the site down for a while but I’m glad it’s back and I hope it returns to its roots.

    • Yes, and I am one of the most guilty offenders. Got wrapped up in all of the political BS while vowing to myself not to do that before I did. Either way, that part of my life is over and done with. No more voting for me in any election and no more commentary or criticism of anything to do with anything to do with government, politics, etc.

      It is nice to see some of the regulars return here. I still have a very keen interest in anything to do with computers and even though my knowledge level could fit in a thimble compared to some of the others that post here, I will always try to offer suggestions and try to help others when I can when questions are posted.

  6. Show Discussion – Commentary/questions/replies to show things directly
    Windows – Discussion for all aspects of Windows: OS and application questions
    Mac – Discussion for all aspects of Mac: OS and application questions
    Linux – Discussion for all aspects of Linux: OS and application questions
    iOS – Discussion for all aspects of iOS: OS and application questions
    Android – Discussion for all aspects of Android: OS and application questions
    Chrome – Discussion for all aspects of Chrome: OS and application questions (This one is kinda iffy.. is there enough Chrome deployment to warrant this?
    Hardware – Discussion for all aspects of Hardware: pc parts, laptops, tablets, routers, printers, etc
    Geek Toys – none computing, but geeky hardware (PDP hardware emmulator, lightsaber laser pens, phasers, 3d printers/replicators etc.)
    Fun Stuff – technology related that doesn’t fit into other categories (including the never-ending post thread).

    All this said, Nick, is there a software that works based on tags not threads? A post goes into “the forums” and is tagged with “Hardware” and “Windows”. People looking for either topic would get it as a thread to be read, but other topic s wouldn’t? Have anything not tagged as defaulting to the “Show Discussion” tag.

    I don’t know if this arrangement is even possible, but it sounds perfect for our needs.

  7. Wasn’t there a forum for Virus information where tips and information about viruses and AV software could be shared? I suggest that would be a good addition as well.

  8. How do you know when you are logged in, and i was able to download podcasts from the iTunes podcast site. I do not know how else to tell you this because there is no way to easily post to the thread I had started. I guess this will take some getting used too….kinda like Windows 8

    • Thomas, in the upper right hand corner of my screen I see a Howdy, Racerbob. This shows me that I am logged in. But I stay logged in because I have CCleaner save the cookie for this site for me.

  9. Imagine that, never got my password to register and then lo and behold it was in my spam folder. Anyway, I’m here and like the look of the site.

  10. There is a huge need for us to exchange information and for us to ask questions… this all regarding computing. Suggesting a solid search engine within the forums to eliminate duplications. I know this is difficult when some just post queries without trying to search on their own.
    Perhaps a method of rerouting a question to a place where this has been asked and answered before. (yeah… how can this be done?)
    Often the post title is misleading or vague so a search can be confounding.

  11. Example: Have a problem figuring out what type of video card I can install in a Dell Poweredge 840 Xeon. So I searched; Types of video cards, different video cards, video card, Dell Poweredge… nothing came up. Even tried ‘peripherals’… nada.
    Is it my settings?

  12. Those don’t work for me either, but if I search for “Firefox 21” I get results. I think it’s just a matter of this forum being relatively new so nobody’s asked about that stuff yet. If it doesn’t come up in the search, then by all means, create a new topic. On the other hand, if someone creates a duplicate topic, I’ll post a link to where it’s already being discussed.

  13. Not interested in “Foxfire 21″… I need to know about video cards that work in server machines. This is the fundamental question about how the SB search works… and could be USeFul

  14. In case you missed it, I responded to your question in the forums about video cards. If you try searching for “video cards” or “Dell Poweredge” now, you’ll see that the search works just fine.


  15. Aplogize for the late delay… but with your input I did fing a video card for my Dell server…
    It was on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121125069903?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649