Security Tango™

The Security Tango is my name for the dance you have to do every time you want to assure yourself that your computer is free of viruses, spyware, keystroke loggers, backdoors, trojans, and other forms of malware (click the Definitions button in the menu to see what all those things mean). It’s something you need […]

Sudo not working (user not allowed to execute as root)

Does anyone have any idea how I can change this? Source: (solved) Sudo not working (user not allowed to execute as root) – Linux Mint Forums

Print from Chrome – Google Chrome Help

You can print from Chrome using your computer or mobile device. With Google Cloud Print, you can make your printers available to you and anyone you choose. Source: Print from Chrome – Computer – Google Chrome Help

How to Install and Dual Boot Linux and Mac OS

The Mac is one of the most reliable computing platforms available, and can make a great platform for not only running the Mac OS, such as the current macOS Sierra, but also Windows and Linux. In fact, the MacBook Pro is a very popular platform for running Linux. Under the hood, the Mac’s hardware is […]

Kodak OLED technology

Kodak actually invented OLED technology, and In December 2009, the company announced that they have sold all of their OLED business to LG. LG paid $100 million for the OLED unit. Kodak still have access to the technology for their own products. Source: Kodak OLED technology | OLED-Info

September 16, 2017

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air! 2017-09-16 Mark – Greece, NY – new computer – 4K TV – loves it Frank – Greece, NY – Mac – Apple Mail – Time-Warner – takes forever to d/l anything – sometimes says no msgs, but if immediately retry, get 15 new messages Mark – […]

September 9, 2017

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air! 2017-09-09 Carl – Pottstown, PA – Chrome &  IE – when print w/ IE, fine – when Chrome, prints differently Ed – Rochester, NY – re: Equifax – the site is junk Jack – Brighton, NY – want to switch ISPs from phone to cable – […]

Two Factor Auth List

List of websites and whether or not they support 2FA. Source: Two Factor Auth List

Choose a sync solution – G Suite Administrator Help

There are 2 ways to access Drive files and keep them in sync on all your devices. Source: Choose a sync solution – G Suite Administrator Help

Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

You probably keep your most important files and photos in different places—your computer, your phone, various SD cards, and that digital camera you use from time to time. It can be a challenge to keep all these things safe, backed up, and organized, so today we’re introducing Backup and Sync. It’s a simpler, speedier and […]

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